Established in 1994, Foaming And Proofing India is a leading innovator in the marketing of construction chemicals driven by its vision to be the most responsive, knowledgeable provider of advanced construction materials and systems. The company is leading suppliers and applicators of construction chemicals and products manufactured by worlds leading manufacturers used in new construction and repair applications. It also provides a complete range of expansion joint systems. To better serve our customers, the company has classified itself into three major divisions.

Construction Chemicals

Viewing that the construction industry is an integral part of the business environment. We have set up a material application facility for construction chemicals such as Waterproofing and Flooring materials. The other range of products includes Admixtures, Plasticizers, Sealers and Grouts. We can also devise special formulations to meet the specific needs of individual customers. With the greater applicability, practicality and effectiveness of the products, we have gained a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our commitment to technical support, customer service and satisfaction is unsurpassed.

Sealants & Coatings

Meeting the needs of the construction industry our major products include, Polyurethane sealants/Polysulphide sealants and Hypalon Tapes for horizontal and vertical expansion joints. Epoxy coatings, Polyurethane coatings, Hardening, Sealing and Dustproofing compounds. These products are used in the surface coating in industries.

Anchors, Fasteners, Rebaring & Diamond Core Cutting Systems

Our primary goal is to help the engineering and technical community quickly find products and services meeting their specifications. We’re proud to offer all HILTI products which are the largest of its kind.